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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My dad just made his first rubbish joke of the morning, that I was going to write in my diary, "I woke up very early and went to the plane station". How is that even funny? I haven't called it that in years...

I began my trip to Svedenland, as is tradition, with a viewing of the V 'Hip To Hip' DVD. And here is this year's favourite excerpt:
Question: What was it like filming your video in Brazil?
Leon: *Something about sun, sand and surf*
Aaron: "Were there any other s words?"
*Others look worried*
Aaron: "Socks! Hehehe!"
It is very amusing! Equally amusing is teasing my mum (who is driving us to the airport) about her newfound status as the family lorry-spotter. She was going on for ages about this one we saw, how shiny and new and "good-looking" it was. Worrying!

My dad just scared us all by saying he doesn't have the tickets. They are actually e-tickets which means you just show the e-mail you got when you booked and your passports. Now my mum is marvelling at the convenience and cheapness of e-mail. Parents! Who'd have them? (er, me!)


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